Transform your galleries with the intelligence of AI

AI face scans for your clients
Options to download originals
Access control for client to share gallery with their friends
Let your clients create their own collections
Download, upload, view from anywhere anytime
Let client take ownership and free up your storage space


AI Face scans

Our AI face scanning software uses advanced algorithms to analyze and recognize faces in your photos, allowing you to easily identify and tag individuals. This can save you countless hours of manual tagging and sorting, giving you more time to focus on your craft.

Not only does our AI face scanning software save you time and effort, it also helps you to deliver a more personalized experience to your clients. By knowing who's who in your photos, you can easily create albums and portfolios tailored to each individual, showcasing their best moments.

Unlimited features for your clients

Unlimited features for your clients

⊛ Access your galleries on any device
⊛ Option to download original or optimised images
⊛ Give feedback on each image
⊛ Create your own collections and share them with your friends and family
⊛ Control what your guests see
⊛ Privacy option for each image, album and whole gallery
⊛ Subscribe and take ownership of your gallery to keep your memories safe on cloud

Free up your storage space without losing data

After duration of your project is complete you can ask your client to subscribe with huemn and take ownership of their gallery. For a small amount, they can keep their memories safe on the cloud forever and in exchange you’ll be able to free up the storage space of that project.

At the same time, even with client subscribing, you’ll still be able to keep that project in your workspace and manage it if the client reaches back to you regarding anything. A win-win for all stakeholders.