Capture every opportunity with ease

Customizable lead forms
Keep track of each inquiry with notifications
Connect with proposals to send quotes in minutes
Take action using detailed insights


Customizable Lead forms

Make the most of every opportunity with our customizable lead forms for photographers. Whether you're looking to capture potential clients at events, on your website, or through social media, our forms are designed to help you gather the information you need to turn leads into loyal customers. With options to customize fields, branding, and more, our lead forms are the perfect way to streamline your lead collection process and take your photography business to the next level.

Create a lead form to get complete client requirements including event details in a few minutes. Collecting detailed client requirements helps you create a proposal for your client much easier & faster

Get instant notifications

In the competitive world of photography, staying on top of your leads is crucial to your success. Our software allows you to set up notifications for new leads, so you can be alerted as soon as someone expresses interest in your services. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to them right away, increasing your chances of closing the deal. You can customise your notifications to receive them via email, text message, or through the software itself.

Get you proposals ready in minutes by linking it to forms

Create a proposal with a few clicks from the collected lead. Immediately sending the client a proposal for their requirements improves the chances of converting the lead significantly. Send your proposal to clients without any delays.